Our 800 degree wood fired oven was hand built in Naples with mortar made from the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius.We use only the best Italian San Marzano tomatoes, imported olive oil, authentic Italian Caputo “00” flour, homemade dough & locally sourced wood for our wood fired pizza oven to make 13” Thin Crust Napoletana Pizza, garnished with Parmesan cheese, fresh herbs and seasoning. For this reason, Pizza Napoletana has several distinct characteristics. Pizza in Napoli is foldable, and blackened char spots on the crust indicate a telltale sign of a Pizza Napoletana that has been correctly cooked in a blistering hot burning oven. Each pizza is an individual work of art.

Gluten free option $4.99
Ask your server about vegan cheese option
Side salad with any Pizza $3.99


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